The first week after oral surgery is a crucial time for your child to begin healing properly, and Dr. Jiries Mogannam and Dr. Vicente Chavez understand that you want to make sure this important time is both comfortable and safe for your child. The general instructions below, along with the individual counsel you receive from our skilled dentists, will help you accomplish this. If you have any further questions about oral surgery in Petaluma, California, please contact our team at Petaluma Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center at 707-769-1414 today!

  • When you get home, remove gauze pads and apply ice to the affected area
  • Make sure your child is eating and taking medicine as directed
  • The day after surgery, have your child begin brushing their teeth again
  • For the first two days, continue to use ice to keep swelling down
  • Do not use moist heat until the third day
  • Make sure your child relaxes and avoids physical strain for the first four to five days; we can provide a doctor’s note to excuse them from certain activities
  • For the first week, make sure your child only eats soft foods
  • For the first week, keep your child from using straws
  • Use warm saltwater rinses to keep any empty sockets clean

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